ISSUE #31: Tonight's the Night! Unwrap the Secrets of 'A Christmas Story'

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Primary Blog/ISSUE #31: Tonight's the Night! Unwrap the Secrets of 'A Christmas Story'

Hello, ACS Family!

As the sun sets, we’re just a half hour away from a magical evening on 'Talking A Christmas Story With The Cast.' I’m your host, Yano Anaya, and tonight, from my studio in Roswell, Georgia, we bridge the wintry gap from the U.S. to Canada, exploring scenes and secrets you've only dreamed of!

🌨️ Snowy Secrets and Cinematic Magic

This week, your curiosity about the enchanting Canadian landscapes seen in 'A Christmas Story' has filled our mailbox. To unveil these icy secrets, we've invited a very special guest who knows a thing or two about the frosty fun behind the scenes.

🎥 Special Guest: Monica Harvey – The Magic Behind the Snow

Joining us in just a few moments is Monica Harvey, known for her vibrant presence in the flagpole scene and her first-hand experience of the film's wintry magic. Monica will share tales from those chilly days that brought our favorite holiday scenes to life.

👀 Behind the Scenes with Monica

What was it like to film iconic moments in a setting so different from the Parker family's Indiana? How did the crisp Canadian air add a touch of authenticity to those winter scenes? Monica's here to spill the details!

🌟 Catch the Magic Live!

Don't miss out! Tune in live at 7:30 PM EST to catch all these stories and more. Dive into the details that knit together the fabric of our beloved classic through tales told by those who were there.

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Warmest regards and see you soon,

Yano Anaya (aka Grover Dill)
and the entire cast of “A Christmas Story”

Remember, our journey through the 40th anniversary of 'A Christmas Story' continues. Stay tuned for more surprises and shared moments that make every day feel like Christmas. 🎄✨

Written By:

Yano Anaya (Grover Dill)

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