ISSUE #32: Rewrite Hohman's History & Master the Art of the Haggle!

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Primary Blog/ISSUE #32: Rewrite Hohman's History & Master the Art of the Haggle!

🚨 Encore Presentation & A Second Chance!

Due to some technical hitches during our last website update, we heard from many of you that your brilliant continuations for "Scut's Revenge" couldn't make it through. We're all ears for every thrilling detail of how you see Scut Farkus's story unfolding. Now that our systems are back to normal, we're excited to invite you to resend those captivating narratives.

🎞️ Feature Premiere: "Scut's Revenge" - A Journey Through Shadowed Memories

This Thursday, plunge back into the snowy glow of Hohman, Indiana. Explore the dimly lit taverns where Scut, stripped of his bully’s bravado, concocts his schemes of redemption or ruin. Your creative visions will determine Scut’s fate—will he seek vengeance or find a new path? Send us your continuation of Scut's story, and let’s craft the next chapter together!

How to Participate: First, reread the original email below, then reply to this email with your version of Scut's continuing saga. Next Thursday, we'll showcase the most imaginative tales, weaving your visions into the tapestry of "A Christmas Story."

Revisit the Original Email Below: [Scroll down to finish reading "Scut's Revenge"]

🌲 Haggle Down Memory Lane: The Old Man's Tree Tale

Inspired by the Old Man’s legendary negotiation skills, let’s delve into the timeless art of haggling, a fun element of your future holiday preparations. Relive the scene where he masterfully works the tree lot owner, his shrewd bargaining adding a touch of humor and showcasing his determination to not be overpriced.

Negotiating Nostalgia:

Recall the iconic scene: the Old Man, a master of negotiation, cheekily tackles the overpricing at the tree lot, ensuring his family gets the best deal for their Christmas centerpiece.

The scene is set at a Christmas tree lot, snow gently falling around as the Parker family browses the trees. The Old Man is in his element, ready to engage in one of his favorite annual traditions: haggling.

Lot Owner: "This here’s a beaut, ain’t it?"
The Old Man: "Yeah, it's not bad. How much?"
Lot Owner: "That tree there will run you about forty dollars."
The Old Man: "Forty dollars?! That's as much as a sofa!"

The Old Man scoffs at the price, feigning disinterest and inspecting the tree for imperfections. He shakes the tree vigorously, causing a flurry of snow to cascade down, suggesting it might be less than perfect.

The Old Man: "Look at all that snow coming off it! That there can’t be too good for it. Makes you wonder what it's been through."
Lot Owner: "It’s still a great tree. You won’t find better in the lot."

As they continue their back-and-forth, the Old Man's wife and sons watch, almost embarrassed, yet amused by his antics.

The Old Man: "Well, it's not a bad tree, but more than I want to pay. How about thirty dollars?"
Lot Owner: (hesitant but seeing the determination in the Old Man’s eyes) "I'll go thirty-five, and that's cutting me own throat."

The Old Man, sensing victory, decides to press just a bit further, ready to close the deal but still squeezing every cent.

The Old Man: "Make it thirty-two fifty and you've got yourself a deal."

After a moment of feigned hesitation, the lot owner agrees, shaking hands with the Old Man, who walks away triumphant, proud of his negotiating prowess, as his family follows, shaking their heads but chuckling at his antics.

Join us in revisiting this delightful negotiation dance, a festive tradition that’s both amusing and instructional.

As always, your participation enriches our community. Whether guiding the fate of Hohman’s most infamous or revisiting the Parker family’s whimsical traditions, your involvement brings our shared story to vibrant life.

Warmest regards,
Yano Anaya - "That Dill Guy"

Don't miss the reveal of "Scut's Revenge" narratives next Thursday. See where our collective creativity has taken Scut in his quest for redemption or deeper darkness!

Written By:

Yano Anaya (Grover Dill)

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