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W: Issue #44: Uncover Black Bart's Secrets + Your FREE Christmas Miracle! 🎄

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Primary Blog/W: Issue #44: Uncover Black Bart's Secrets + Your FREE Christmas Miracle! 🎄

Buckle up for another ‘Major Award Edition’ of Talking A Christmas Story with the Cast! I’m your host, Yano Anaya, better known to many of you as the pint-sized menace, Grover Dill. Each week, I dive into the stories from the cast, crew, and fans that have kept this holiday classic alive and kicking. And this week? It’s going to be epic!

A Sneak Peek:

Ever wondered how the ultimate Christmas villain, Black Bart, came to be? Well, wonder no more! Today, we're peeling back the curtain to reveal the story of Dwayne McLean, the legendary actor and stuntman who brought Black Bart to life in a way that’s both menacing and magical. This episode is packed with tales of Hollywood stunts, behind-the-scenes secrets, and the kind of nostalgia that’ll transport you back to that snowy playground where heroes and villains first crossed paths.

Let’s be real – every hero needs a villain. And in A Christmas Story, Black Bart is the bad guy we all love to hate. His larger-than-life persona reminds us of simpler times when battles between good and evil were as clear-cut as Ralphie’s showdown with his nemesis. It’s these timeless stories that connect us to our deepest, most heroic selves. Dwayne McLean’s portrayal of Black Bart captures this perfectly, giving us a villain who is not just feared but adored for the magic he brings to our holiday memories.

Meet the Man Behind the Mask:

Today, I’m beyond excited to chat with Dwayne McLean. From daring stunts to unforgettable roles, Dwayne has done it all. We’ll explore his journey from a young dreamer to a Hollywood icon, and of course, we’ll get the inside scoop on how he became the notorious Black Bart.


Game Time: What Would Black Bart Do?

Get ready for some fun! We’re throwing Dwayne into a hypothetical world where Black Bart plots his ultimate revenge on Ralphie. How would he prepare? What would he do after seeing Ralphie all grown up? And if Black Bart retired, what would his days look like?

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To Family & Love,

​Yano Anaya a.k.a. Grover Dill

Written By:

Yano Anaya (Grover Dill)

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