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F: Issue 47 Experience the Enchantment of A Christmas Story This Weekend! 🌟

Friday, July 05, 2024

Primary Blog/F: Issue 47 Experience the Enchantment of A Christmas Story This Weekend! 🌟

Happy Friday! The weekend is just around the corner, and we’ve got something extra special lined up to help you unwind and dive into the magic of A Christmas Story.

🎙️ This Week’s Episode: The Creator of "That Dill Guy"

Welcome to another ‘Major Award Edition’ of Talking A Christmas Story with the Cast! I’m your host, Yano Anaya, and this week, we're pulling back the curtain on the story behind one of the most memorable experiences from our Facebook group. The innovator of "That Dill Guy" Cynthia Wenzel. Comment on her post here and thank her for creating a new nickname for "Grover Dill",

The fans fell in love with this nickname so much, I decided to create an amazing offer to give the t-shirt to you for FREE! If you want one, DM me on FB Messenger and I will send you the deets on how to get it. 

Cynthia joined the A Christmas Story Family podcast to discuss her love for the movie and the impact of her viral post. It's a hilariously funny episode. You can watch it here:

🚀 Special Weekend Plans

Whether you’re planning to relax with family or embark on an adventure, we invite you to carve out a little time and share your 4th of July family traditions with us. We love to learn what it is you do to keep your family close. 

📚 Dive Deeper: Discover Hidden Treasures

Have you ever wondered about the deeper meanings and hidden gems in A Christmas Story? From the symbolism of the leg lamp to the quirky names and unforgettable characters, there's so much more to uncover. Stay tuned to for a future Podcast with the Author of "Don't Shoot Your Eye Out"  Dr Quentin Schultz for insights that will BLOW YOUR MIND and make you appreciate this classic movie even more.

🌟 Join the Conversation

We love hearing from our amazing community! Share your favorite moments from the movie, ask questions, and connect with other fans by leaving comments on our YouTube channel or social media. Your stories and feedback make our show even more special.

🎁 Don't Miss Out on the Immersion Experience!

Imagine stepping into the world of A Christmas Story, not just as a viewer, but as a part of the action. Interact with the cast, relive iconic scenes, and weave these moments into your family’s traditions. And here’s the best part—our exclusive Legacy Box, featuring the true replica of the iconic leg lamp, is available for FREE!

Learn More How This Is A Real Thing at

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To Family & Love,

Yano Anaya a.k.a. Grover Dill

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Yano Anaya (Grover Dill)

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