Transform Your Event with the Magic of 'A Christmas Story' Cast!

Exclusive Waitlist Open for Event Organizers, City Planners, Comic Con Directors, and Visitor Centers

Are you dreaming of an event that becomes the talk of the town? Whether you're an event organizer plotting a landmark gathering, a city tourism board aiming to sprinkle a little extra holiday magic on your locality, a Comic-Con director on the lookout for that crowd-pulling attraction, or a visitor center desiring to create unforgettable experiences, the path to achieving these aspirations begins here.

Why Join Our Waitlist?

  • Priority Access: Leap ahead of the competition with early application access come April, ensuring your event stands out.
  • Craft Unforgettable Moments: With the cast of "A Christmas Story," bring to life the scenes and sentiments beloved by generations.
  • Boost Engagement & Tourism: Attract fans from all walks of life, guaranteeing not just an event, but a phenomenon that elevates your city or convention to new heights.

Imagine the buzz, the shared smiles, and the community spirit kindled by the presence of "A Christmas Story" cast. This isn't just about an event; it's about creating a legacy, an annual pilgrimage site for fans, and a beacon for tourism.

By securing your spot on our exclusive waitlist, you're not just planning an event; you're setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure. You're promising your community, tourists, and fans a chance to step into the world of a timeless classic. Ready to write history?

Join the waitlist now. Let's bring the warmth, laughter, and unforgettable charm of 'A Christmas Story' to your next big occasion. Because magic like this shouldn't wait.

Unlock the Magic: Exclusive Mystery & Collect Them All Boxes Await!

Your exclusive pass to nostalgia and surprise is almost here!
Be the first in line.

Mystery Box

Collect Them All Box

Prepare to embark on a nostalgic journey with our upcoming Mystery Boxes and Collect Them All Boxes, each box brimming with exclusive "A Christmas Story" memorabilia and surprises that will whisk you back to the cherished moments of Hohman, Indiana. These limited edition boxes are not just packages; they're gateways to reliving the magic, mystery, and joy of one of America's most beloved holiday classics.

​Imagine unwrapping a piece of cinematic history, exclusive collectibles, and perhaps even some "fra-gee-lay" items that will make your heart swell with the warmth of Christmas spirit. From rare finds to heartwarming novelties, each box is curated to surprise, delight, and immerse you in the world of Ralphie, Flick, Schwartz, and, of course, the unforgettable Grover Dill and so many more.

Why Join Our Waitlist?

  • Exclusive Access: Be among the first to know when our Mystery Boxes and Collect Them All Boxes launch.
  • Limited Edition: Limited quantities mean these collectibles are as rare as a decoder pin with a special message from Orphan Annie.
  • Special Perks:Waitlist members receive sneak peeks, and maybe even a little extra something in their box.
  • Priority Shipping: Get your box before anyone else does, just in time to make your holiday season or any day a bit more special.

Join the Waitlist Now - Be the First to Know & Collect!

Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of "A Christmas Story" legacy. Sign up now and ensure your spot at the front of the line for these magical, mystery-filled boxes. Because in the spirit of Christmas, it's not just about receiving — it's about reliving and celebrating the moments that make us all feel young at heart.

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